Nissan Renault MR20DE 2.0 l/140 hp Engine

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The engine MR20DE serves as a lightweight power drive with a high lifetime. The label “internal combustion engine” (“ICE”) means as follows:

  • MR is a series with the chain drive and aluminum block.
  • 20 – the volume of the combustion chamber (х 0.1);
  • DE – DOHC valve timing and electronic fuel injection.



Engineers used the in-line engine, there’re iron liners in the cylinder block. The manufacturer considers such a construction as disposable. In practice, 90% of domestic service stations repair cylinders without any problems.

Technical Characteristics of MR20DE 2.0 l/140 hp

By default, the engine has top cam DOHC V16 valve timing. The most up-to-date, non-sparking ignition DIS-4 system without high-voltage beams is used (separate plug for each coil). The ICE vibrations are reduced by the special balance system of the cylinder block.

Balance shafts are rotated with the oil pump by a short chain. The oil pump drive is gear; the rear-mounted exhaust manifold with the integrated catalyst converter.

Система VVT

VVT System

The manual describes the working parameters of the engine. If there are less than 140 horsepower specified in it, the user can increase the capacity by chipping without interference in the mechanical part. Accordingly, the intake manifold is at the front and ensures much air for the fuel mixture.

For the basic MR20DE version, the following technical characteristics are valid.

Manufacturer: Yokohama Plant Nissan-Renault
ICE brand MR20DE/M4R
Year of manufacture 2005 – …
Volume 1997 cm3 (2.0 l)
Capacity 98 – 108 kW (133 – 147 hp)
Torque 191 – 210 Nm (at 4400 rpm)
Weight 124 kg
Ratio of compression 10.2
Fuel system injector
Motor type in-line gasoline
Ignition DIS-4
Number of cylinders 4
Location of the first cylinder ТВЕ
Number of valves on each cylinder 4
Cylinder head material aluminum alloy
Intake manifold polymer
Exhaust manifold steel welded
Camshaft Original cam profile
Cylinder block material aluminum alloy
Diameter of the cylinder 84 mm
Pistons cast aluminum, graded profile with a high skirt
Crankshaft iron cast
Piston stroke 90.1 mm
Fuel AI-95
Ecological standards Euro-4
Fuel consumption highway – 5.3 l/100 km

combined – 6.6 l/100 km

city – 8.9 l/100 km

Oil consumption maximum – 0.6 l/1000 km
Oil poured into the engine (viscosity) 5W30, 5W40, 0W30, 0W40
Oil poured into the engine (manufacturer) Elf, Idemitsu Zepro, Mobil-1
Oil for MR20DE: composition synthetic, semi-synthetic
Volume of engine oil 4.5 l
Operating temperature 95°
ICE lifetime specified – 150 000 km

actual – 250 000 km

Valve adjusting manual pushers
Cooling system forced, antifreeze
Volume of cooling liquid 7.1 – 7.7 l depending in the car brand
Pump Aisin WPN105, Dolz №150
Plugs for MR20DE Denso PLZKAR6A-11, LZKAR6A-11
Spark gap 1.1 mm
Gas distribution system chain rolled multiple-strand chain, blue and orange label
Order of cylinders working 1-3-4-2
Air filter Patron PF1553, Filtron AP185/5, Parts Mall PAE-006, Fenox FAI107
Oil filter VIC C-224, AY100-NS004
Flywheel iron body, steel ring, teeth without gaps, 6 bolt holes
Flywheel bolts М12х1,25 mm, length – 26 mm
Valve oil seals manufacturer – Goetze, 13207-53Y00
Compression from 12 bar, the maximum difference in nearby cylinders – 1 bar
Rotations XX 675 – 725 min-1
Tightening of screw joints plug – 19.6 Nm

flywheel – 62 – 87 Nm

clutch bolt – 19 – 30 Nm

bearing cap – 34.3 Nm (main) and 27.4 Nm, lessening to 0, 19.6 Nm + 60° (rod)

cylinder head – 6 turns to 5 Nm, 13 – 17 Nm, 44 – 46 Nm + 90° + 90°

As it wears, the oil system consumes more oil (1 l/1000 km).

Construction Features

The joint technology of the French brand Renault and Japan manufacturer Nissan, the MR20DE engine, is characterized by:

  • lightweight aluminum block with iron wet cylinder liners;
  • dural cylinder head with metal gasket;
  • plastic rear-mounted intake manifold and steel front-mounted exhaust manifold;
  • valve timing with fluid clutch only on the inlet camshaft;
  • manual pushers instead of adjusting washers for expansion valve gaps;
  • electrical control over the throttle plate;
  • upper two-shaft DOHC valve timing with 16 valves;
  • mirror finish of crank pins and shaft cams for reducing mechanical losses.

Выпускной коллектор

Exhaust manifold

The maintenance and repair are performed with a minimum number of special tools.

List of ICE Modifications

The only modification of the power drive is MR20DD that is characterized by:

  • direct injection;
  • second VVTi fluid clutch on the inlet camshaft;
  • adjusted geometry of the intake manifold;
  • torque of 210 Nm;
  • adaptation for AI-92 gasoline;
  • ratio of compression is 11.2;
  • set for CVT variator;
  • capacity if 150 hp.

Мотор MR20DD

Engine MR20DD

Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides the inevitable deformation of valves when they are hit by pistons if the gas distribution system chain is torn, other disadvantages of the construction are:

  • soot deposition and increase in oil consumption;
  • overheating of the cylinder block.

Блок цилиндров MR20DE

Cylinder block MR20DE

The advantage of the engine is a high lifetime from 350 000 km if the maintenance rules are followed. The other advantages of the construction are:

  • the manufacturer uses reliable attachments;
  • boosting by means of reinstalling the software is possible;
  • it is possible to perform the repair with your own hands in accordance with the manual.

Впускной коллектор

Intake manifold

In the MR20DD modification, the Nissan-Renault management has preserved the volumes of combustion chambers but tried the direct injection system. However, the firmware of the software has not been finalized: instead of lower fuel consumption, there is an opposite effect.

List of Cars for the Engine Installed

You can find the MR20DE engine under the hood of the following Nissan models:

  • NV200 – front-drive minivan and van;
  • Bluebird Sylphy – C-class sedan;
  • Serena – Japan and Spanish minivan;
  • Sentra – export version of the sedan in three generations;
  • Qashqai – Japan crossover with the European design;
  • Teana – front/four-wheel drive business-class sedan;
  • X-Trail – off-road crossover.

Nissan Serena

Nissan Serena

Initially, the characteristics of the engine were valid for the cars of the second manufacturer of the ARN alliance, Renault.

  • Megane – coupe, cabriolet and hatchback;
  • Safrane – liftback with the retro design;
  • Laguna – three low-cost generation in standard bodies;
  • Clio – youth off-road and universal vehicle;
  • Samsung SM3 – Korean sedan under the brand Renault;
  • Samsung SM5 – Korean sedan for the Middle East;
  • Scenic – five-seven-seat front/four-wheel drive compact van;
  • Latitude – Russian and Korean business-class sedan;
  • Fluence – front-drive Turkish and Russian sedan.

Renault Clio

Renault Clio

In Japanese cars, the engine is traditionally labeled as MR20DE, in French cars – as M4R.

MR20DE 2.0 l/140 hp Maintenance Schedule

As the MR20DE engine contains several friction pairs with a different lifetime, there is an individual maintenance schedule for it:

  • it is recommended to pour new oil and change an oil filter every 7.5 000 km;
  • the original fuel filter lasts 40 000 km; the air element is annually changed;
  • the lifetime of the gas distribution system chain lasts 150 000 km but it is recommended to replace it earlier;
  • the antifreeze loses its properties after 50 000 km; at the same time, the intake catalyst converter may burn;
  • the manufacturer’s sparks lasts 20 000 km; the accumulator’s lifetime is defined by the manufacturer.

Замена цепи ГРМ

Replacement of the gas distribution system chain

Review of Failures and Their Repair

Despite the high reliability of the rolled multiple-strand chain, it may be torn after 150-160 000 km. In this case, the engine MR20DE is most likely to bend the valves. Other failures of the power drive are:

Floating rotations 1) clogged blades

2) broken nozzles

1) cleaning of the throttle

2) replacement of nozzles;

Whistle under the hood the auxiliary drive belt’s tension is too tight or loosened adjustment of the tension or replacement of the belt
Power and rotation dip wear of the engine repair

Versions of Engine Tuning

Even the low-cost chip tuning may increase the MR20DE engine capacity:

  • The maintenance specialist reads the program of the on-board computer;
  • uses the ready version of the software or creates a new firmware to switch off several sensors or change the settings of control devices.

With it, when tuning, it is necessary to take into account the physical wear of friction pairs, the current state of the engine, drive and brake system.

Тюнинг MR20DE

Tuning of MR20DE

For MR20DE, it is difficult to find rod and piston groups, crank and camshafts of the other size, so the atmosphere tuning is not used. In addition, there are also turbo kits for it, so it is necessary to select the characteristic of accessories individually. The turbo tuning is as follows:

  • turbine and intercooler;
  • enforced rods and pistons;
  • high-performance fuel pump and nozzles;
  • increased exhaust diameter and modified scheme.

It is also necessary to change the firmware version for the ECU to take into account all the components of the engine construction and architecture.

So, the MR20DE engine has high-performance figures and a high lifetime. You can perform the maintenance and repair of the engine on your own without contacting manual specialists.


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