Replacing the timing chain on the Peugeot 308, 408, 3008

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Despite the fact that the resource in the timing chain is twice as long as a toothed belt, it should be changed regularly, like any other consumables. At Peugeot 308 replacement timing chain can be done by hand. The article describes in detail the instructions for the procedure.

Timing chain sag

With long-term operation of the Peugeot 308, the timing chain is pulled out over time. This is due to the wear of the articulation. They wear out, the step between the links increases. The chain must be changed if:

  • exhausted the possibility of regulating its tension;
  • when the marks on the camshaft coincide, the crankshaft marks do not match;
  • Chips were found on the bushes, cracks appeared on the cheeks.

If the increment increases, the engine does not run smoothly at idle. Worn links are stretched unevenly, so the chain around the asterisks is tightened, stronger and weaker.

The stretched chain makes more noise, the engine starts worse, fuel consumption increases.

It is dangerous to leap the chain on 1-5 teeth. At best, the car will simply stop; at worst, the pistons will encounter valves and engine overhauls may be required. Therefore, you should regularly check the tension of the timing chain.

It can be checked using a special device that performs the role of a tensioner.

This template is set in place of the tensioner. First, the internal pin is unscrewed, and the internal rod is screwed in simultaneously. Measured clearance with a ruler or calipers. For an atmospheric engine, the Peugeot 308 should not exceed 73 mm, for a turbocharged engine – 71 mm.


Chain Replacement – Instruction

It is better to replace the chain on a lift or overpass, since it will be necessary to remove the right support to install the flywheel mark located at the very bottom of the engine.

To perform the work should be prepared:

  • small and big knobs (1/4 and 1/2 respectively);
  • set of heads;
  • keys set;
  • toreks T30 and T40;
  • screwdriver.

From consumables need to cook:

  • chain;
  • chain tensioner;
  • 3 pcs. damper;
  • new camshaft bolts;
  • camshaft and crankshaft sprockets;
  • valve cover gasket.

When buying a chain for replacement, you should pay attention to quality. It is better to purchase the original. The quality of the metal from which the consumables are made can be determined using a file, as the links and bushings are hardened. In order not to slip a used chain in the market, you need to hold it flat and check how much it sags. If the slack is 7-10 mm, then the product is new, if 17-20 mm is old.

measure the chain

  1. Having driven the car onto a lift, you need to disconnect the “minus” terminal on the battery to de-energize the car.
  2. Remove the front right wheel, liner and engine protection.
  3. We take out the air filter, disconnect the intake air inlet.
  4. Then dismantle the engine cover.
  5. Disable camshaft position sensors, electrical wires from the engine.
  6. Disconnecting the power from the ignition coils, remove the latter.
  7. Disconnect the crankcase ventilation hose, all connections. It is advisable to plug the technological plugs so that nothing gets into it.
  8. Dismantling the cylinder head cover.
  9. Lift the engine, remove the dipstick to measure the oil level.
  10. Dismantle the engine mount.
  11. Next, remove the drive belt accessories.
  12. Unscrew the three mounting bolts, remove the additional equipment pulley.
  13. Then crank crankshaft for the mounting bolt to the position in which the flywheel is fixed.
  14. Using a special device, we fix the flywheel and camshafts.
  15. Remove the chain tensioner.
  16. Remove the intake and exhaust camshaft pulleys.
  17. Turn off the hub of the crankshaft.
  18. Remove the timing chain.
  19. Then you need to remove the fixed guide and guide tensioner.
  20. Next, remove the crankshaft gear and sealing ring.
  21. Before replacing consumables on the Peugeot 308 and installing components on regular places should all be thoroughly cleaned from contamination.
  22. Next, assemble the tensioner guide, stationary guide, gas distribution chain and timing gear. The finished structure must be installed on the cylinder head.
  23. We expose the timing marks. How to do it, you can look at the video.
  24. Install the camshaft gear pulley to the crankshaft.
  25. Install the crankshaft hub in place.
  26. We return to the same place the pulleys of the camshafts intake and exhaust valves.
  27. Then we set the tensioner and damper chain.
  28. We establish on a regular place a sealing ring.
  29. Mount the pulley drive attachments.
  30. Remove clamps camshafts and crankshaft.
  31. We put on belts of auxiliary equipment Peugeot 308 and adjust their tension.
  32. Install the cylinder head cover.
  33. Attach all connections.
  34. We return to the place the dipstick.
  35. Set back the ignition coil and connect it to the power supply.
  36. We connect all sensors, wiring.
  37. We fasten a decorative cover.
  38. Install the pipe, the air filter and the cover of its case.
  39. Put in place the motor protection.
  40. Set liner and right wheel in front.
  41. Last of all, we connect the negative terminal to the battery.

After the procedure, the engine should be checked. This process of replacing the timing belt can be considered complete. Although the procedure is time consuming, but quite doable. Thus, save on car service and get an invaluable experience.

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