Replacing Cabin Filter Peugeot Partner

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The cabin filter at Peugeot Partner is installed to clean the air flow coming from the environment during the movement of the car. At the same time, the filter absorbs oxygen when the standard air conditioner is activated. Since the debut of the model produced many modifications Peugeot Partner, in different configurations for different purposes. Despite this, the location of the cleaning element remained unchanged. Where is the cabin filter: behind the glove box in the dashboard.

Like other parts, the filter is subject to periodic replacement, prevention. Recommended intervals are indicated in the technical manual. Violation of terms contributes to excessive clogging, formation and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. The driver, the passengers get sick, a cough appears, the body temperature rises, allergic reactions. Given the simplicity of the cabin filter design, changing it yourself is not difficult. Special skills and abilities are not required. I have never encountered maintenance, you do not have enough time – contact authorized service centers for help.


How often to replace

No more than 20 000 km. – The recommended interval for using the cleaning element on a Peugeot Partner car. Excess resource is not desirable for the reasons described above.

Car owners who take care of their equipment, practice self-replacement of consumables at around 15,000 km. If the machine is operated in special climatic regions, the interval is reduced to 10,000 km. Such “initiative” is not prohibited by the manufacturer. Anything that does not harm the car is welcome.

Signs of clogged cabin filter:

  • windows systematically began to fog up in the car;
  • inside the smell of rot, stench;
  • the torpedo is constantly covered with a layer of dust, dirt, leaves;
  • weak, insufficient airflow from the baffles.

Peugeot Partner Modifications:

  • Peugeot Partner Tepee (from 2008);
  • Peugeot Partner Van (from 2008);
  • Peugeot Partner (2002 – 2007 onwards);
  • Peugeot Partner (2002–2008);
  • Combispace (5F) (1996);
  • Peugeot Partner (1996 – 2002).

Replacing the cabin filter Peugeot Partner

To change the cabin filter yourself for a Peugeot Partner you will need a household vacuum cleaner, a new cleaner, rags.

  • in the front passenger compartment, under the storage box, turn off three plastic clips, remove the decorative cover, behind which the filter housing is installed;
  • remove the cover, polluted cleaner, vacuum the housing;
  • we put the new cabin filter. Self replacement is over.
  • Subsequent scheduled technical inspection after 20 000 km.


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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