Replacing the low beam lamps on Toyota Corolla

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Almost every motorist had such a moment when head optics bulbs burn out in his car. As a rule, it is not difficult for one of them to replace it, but this is only if you are not the owner of Toyota. And now, we will try to justify why. Cars of this brand are high-tech. Under the hood, they have all the nodes very close to each other. Therefore, in order to replace the headlight bulbs you need to go a long way. In this article we will deal with such a question as: replacement of low beam lamps on the Toyota King.

Before proceeding with the step-by-step instructions for replacing lamps, it is worth saying that the original Japanese ones are best suited, since other options may not last for very long.

Phased lamp replacement instructions

If you have burned out the headlight optics bulb on the king, raising the hood, you will see that it is not possible to replace it without removing the entire headlight. On the photo below it is clearly visible.

Before proceeding to the analysis of the car, you must prepare a place for it. Best suited garage. In advance, you must wash at least the front of the car and dry it. For further action, maximum purity must be present.

Having done all of the above, the Corolla needs to be slightly raised so that a person could climb under it and unscrew the bumper. This is necessary in order to gain access to the optics and get the opportunity to unscrew it from the body. But let’s talk about this below, and now unscrew the bumper and remove it from the latches on the sides.

After unscrewing it, we proceed to unscrew the headlamp itself. First we need to unscrew the bolt under the headlight, measuring key 10.

Unscrewing the lower bolt, we need to unscrew the two upper bolts located at the edges, as well as the screw, which is unscrewed with a shaped screwdriver. In principle, this is all. Faro can only pull out. The photo shows the location of all mounts.

Removing the headlight must be done carefully so as not to drop it, and you should not forget about the latch located at the grille.

When the headlight is almost pulled out, you need to disconnect the five plugs that provide power to the lamps. The photo clearly shows their location.

In order for the plug to appear without any problems, you need to press your finger on the latch and pull it towards you. The photo clearly shows everything.

Next, let’s deal with the device itself headlights. In order for us to replace the lamp, you need to know its location. So let’s get started. We unfold the lamp to our back and list them from right to left:

  • Dipped beam (red arrow on the right of the photo);
  • Overall lamp (green circle in the photo);
  • Light corrector (yellow arrow in the photo);
  • High Beam Lamp (Red arrow in the center of the photo);
  • And finally, the gate light (in the picture it is on the left).

As we understood, we need the right extreme hole. The light bulb must be scrolled to the left in order to pull it out. It must be replaced carefully, preferably without touching the lamp itself.

Immediately it is worth warning and give some very important tips that will help keep your lamps in full capacity. For a start, do not take the lamp with your bare hands, and especially to touch the glass. This is due to the fact that when turned on the lamp is very hot and if fat or other particles get on the glass, the lamp can easily burn out. Therefore, it is best to perform all operations with sterile gloves, and before installation wipe the light bulbs with a dry, lint-free cloth. At the end of the installation, do not immediately connect the plug, give the lamp some time, for example, in order for it to dry out if it has any moisture. And only after the light has already been put in place and you have already seen that there is no moisture on it, only then can it be connected to the plug. Now let’s talk about the light bulbs themselves and how to install them. On the Corollah there are bulbs of a non-separable type.


The bulb of the bulb has only three guides, however, you can easily figure out from them how to insert them correctly. There are three guides on the block, two of which are longer than the third one. Therefore, it can only be inserted in the correct position. When the bulb is inserted, turn it to the right – thus we fix it to the socket.

Having installed the lamp, we give it some time, after which we can connect all the plugs back to their places. We check the work of each of the modes, if everything is in order, we put the headlamp, bumper in place, that is, we collect the car back to its original state.

This is an interesting procedure for replacing the low beam bulb. As we saw, not everything is so simple with our Japanese favorites. Sometimes it is worthwhile to work hard to eliminate some trifle, for example, to change a light bulb. But now we know how to change them, the whole process of work should not take you more than half a day. If you have time to replace it yourself, it’s best to do so, since the service will charge you a decent amount of money, for the process is not worth it. And not the fact that you will do everything right, as there are enough craftsmen.



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