Toyota Corolla Fuel Filter Replacement

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Increasingly, designer cars refuse quick-change fuel fine filters: placing a large area cartridge directly in the fuel module housing, they put into it a service life equal to the theoretical fuel pump life. The only replaceable fuel cleaning element on such cars is the grid at the inlet of the fuel pump. inhibiting the main part of mechanical impurities. However, taking into account the quality of the fuel, it accounts for the main load.

Replacing the fuel filter on Toyota Corolla independently, the owner can protect himself from many “surprises” in the future: as a rule, jerks during acceleration are the result of the filter that approaches the critical level.

Other problems that amateur writers so frighten so much do not have anything to do with it: neither the deterioration of the launch, nor the engine idle at idle, at the same time, because the fuel consumption in such modes is minimal, and even with a clogged filter the fuel pump has enough time to supply gasoline to the highway – if the filter is so crowded that it is noticeable even at idle, then such a car could not drive on its own for a long time.

How often should a replacement be made?

Replacing the Toyota Corolla fuel filter in 120 (2000–2007) and 150 (2008–2012) bodies is not provided by the manufacturer as a routine operation. Such work is performed only at the beginning of diagnostic procedures, if a pressure drop is detected with an increase in engine load (that is, at times when engine fuel consumption is highest).

Given that the fuel filter is built into the body of the fuel module and is not cheap even in a non-original form, few people decide to perform this procedure as a preventive one, especially since it is rather laborious. We also recommend that you perform this procedure primarily when buying a car with a mileage of more than 70-80 thousand kilometers, or when specific signs of excessive contamination of the filter occur.

Choosing a fuel filter on the Toyota Corolla

To search for non-original substitutes, you need to focus on the following factory assembly numbers:

  • 120 body, release from January 2002 to June 2004 – 77024-12010
  • 120 body, release from June 2004 to February 2007 – 77024-02040
  • 150 body – 77024-12030

For the 120 same body, non-original filters are difficult to find, but the price of the original is not so high.

You will also need a filter O-ring – its number is 90301-04012.

Instructions for replacing the fuel filter

Before replacing the fuel filter, it is necessary to drain the tank as much as possible, without bringing the level to a critical level, of course – otherwise, along with the filter, you will have to change the fuel pump. If you do not empty the tank, then when removing the fuel module is too high risk of spilling gas into the cabin.

In the future, we will write about cars in the body 150, since replacing the fuel filter with your own hands on both models is similar in principle, but here it is somewhat more complicated. We begin work with access to the gas tank flap, which is located under the rear seat of the car.

On the 120 body hatch round, glued to the non-drying mastic.

150 – egg-shaped, fastened in exactly the same way.

Now you need to start the engine and at the same time disconnect the connector from the fuel pump – the engine will generate almost all the pressure in the line, and when the fuel supply pipe is disconnected there will be no risk of getting a jet of fuel under pressure.

Disconnect the fuel supply pipes, fan and adsorber. The lid of the fuel pump before this should be washed – work with the fuel system is better with clean hands.

The gasoline pump keeps the shaped nut. You can unscrew it without the original puller by striking several neat blows to the edge on the tangent — after that it can be tightened with your hands.

Removing the fuel pump, trying not to spill fuel into the cabin.

Now it is necessary to separate the filter assembly from it – the order of operations is easy to understand by placing a new part next to it. Having pulled the pump out of the assembly, we change the sealing ring and the fuel receiver grid on it.

We fix in place the new fine filter, we connect the pressure connection to it.

Now you can install the assembly in place, paying attention to the fact that it sat exactly before tightening the nut – otherwise the sealing ring of the lid will be crimped loosely.


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